The purpose of parent-child communication


In parent-child communication, our goal is to understand the child's true desires, to understand their inner needs and desires, but also to express our parents' own inner real thoughts and unmet needs.

The purpose of parent-child communication is to allow the child to be willing and able to talk to you psychologically, to speak the truth, to open up.

The purpose of parent-child communication is to create, face the problem of space and courage, let the child have the courage to solve the problem, the accumulation of life experience. These are the precious assets of a child's life.

The purpose of parent-child communication is to have a peaceful heart, to give children a warm home, accompanied by children to grow into love, have ideals, have aspirations, have passion, innovation, have a sense of social responsibility.



Listening skills

The investigation show that 73.13% parents want to improve their listening skills and have the peace during the communication. Today’s article is going to discuss listening skills. 1. Keep not-knowing

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