Teachers' Idea about Online Teaching (1)

Difficulties with online teaching include inability to reach all students. Some students don’t come online and don’t respond to emails. It’s also been difficult to contact parents of these kids. Another issue is cheating, making sure students are doing their only work and not copying pictures of the internet. Also, teaching art is difficult as not everyone has the same supplies to work with. It’s also hard to motivate students outside of the classroom unless the student is self motivated.

The adjustments I’ve made is allowed students to use just any materials they have. Try and get updated emails for parents so I can reach them and be consistent in my effort to reach out and follow up. Make creative authentic lessons to keep students motivated to create. I think online learning is effective for students who engage and login and keep up. You can learn just as much if you are motivated. Online learning is not effective for the student who is not self motivated and who needs the extra push to get them moving. It’s also difficult for

students with IEPs or difficulties in learning and organization without extra guidance. For better academic performance I believe it’s best for students to be organized and have a set schedule to login in the morning and reviews lessons and then throughout the day take breaks at intervals. Staring at a screen for too long doesn’t help and being overwhelmed with too much work doesn’t help mental health either. Doing work I’m small chunks throughout the day is best!