Suggestions on self-adjustment of parents’ mental health during the pandemic


1. Parents should be taking the role as teachers to their children, by taking the responsibility, they have to support them on creating a reasonable study plan, guide them to participate and attend the classes on time, and help them adapt to the rhythm of online learning as soon as possible.

2. Parents should treat adolescents with more trust and comprehension, less nagging, and parents should avoid conflicts with their adolescents. In addition, parents need to give an independent space to their adolescents and respect their privacy. Also, parents should realize their children’s excellence and progress, and they need to encourage and appreciate them in a timely manner rather than blaming them for their deficiency.

3. Parents have to stay positive and help their children to correctly understand the impact and changes in people’s lives due to the pandemic. Amid all kinds of anxiety and panic caused by uncertainty, parents need to set an example for their children and firmly believe that everything will be alright.

4. Parents and children should create a family plan together, enriching the livings at home. The schedule should help them to reduce the usage of phones or other

electronic devices, and this promotes more conversations and connections among the family. The plan could provide opportunities where they can engage in cooperative activities or games, such as cooking together, playing games together.

5. Parents should maintain communication with the outside world, they should keep the interactions with relatives and friends through Wechat and other social media. Always ensure that they have a better social support system so that the pressure and stress from home and work can be properly released.

6. Parents should adjust their emotional state. Living at home, working parents not only have to complete complex tasks but also have to undertake heavy housework and bear the academic management and guidance of their children. In the face of these pressures, parents should timely tell their families and children their psychological feelings, their own psychological pressure, and get the understanding and support of their families. At the same time, a reasonable division of labor should be distributed among the family, so that they can better participate in housework, reducing their own pressure.



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