Jiachen's 2020

No one had expected the year 2020 to come with such a big surprise, the COVID-19 pandemic almost hit every single place around the globe. From the first announcement of the virus, all of the conversations from then on concerned around this topic. Personally, at first, I thought this virus was only the small flu that had appeared differently, however, the reality was the opposite, the disease spread so fast that we can not even slow the increasing number of infections. Not too after, because of the serious infection of the epidemic, we were soon set back home and began the online distance learning program to protect our safety. To me, it was a special yet distinguishable experience from the others, because my family and I were actually in China when the virus was spreading unnoticeably, we are lucky enough to come back right before the outbreak, fortunately escaping from death and disease. Now, as we enter 2021, I hope that everyone can be safe and healthy, with the aid of the success of vaccines, and I wish the COVID infected patients will be healthy again.




问卷调查显示,有73.13%的家长想要提高自己的倾听能力,让自己拥有平和的心态和孩子进行沟通。 1.保持不知道的态度。 在交流中,我们要保持一份好奇,开放,探索的心,真诚地听对方的话语,看对方的眼神,保持情感的链接,用心去领悟对方的言外之意,弦外之音。不知道的态度,让我们能够静下来,慢下来,让自己的心处于开放状态去接收对方的情感,态度和想法。这时我们可以用到的技巧是具体化,澄清和复述。例如: 你能