How to make a time management table?


How to make a simple and effective time management table?

1. First of all, the time management form is a tool of time management, the purpose is to help users better optimize the schedule, improve work efficiency, and better manage time. That is to sketch your tomorrow, grasp your today, review and record your yesterday!

2. So, why time management?

I personally had nothing to do during the epidemic, and felt that I was living a very boring life every day, and continuing to live like this would only become more and more degenerate, so I arranged a time plan for myself. Many time management experiences shared on the Internet are only personal (including what I shared), so I hope you would like to ask yourself before reading this article, why do you need time management, what is the problem I want to solve, and the focus Make breakthroughs and make improvements effectively.

3. What are the time management forms?

1) Plan list form

Advantages: Every day plan is clear at a glance, there is a clear plan

Disadvantages: easy to put unplanned things into the schedule, too many variables.

2) Jiugongge(Sudoku) Diary Form

Advantages: convenient to record, DIY and interesting.

Disadvantages: The number of words is too small to record exactly what to do

3) Frog swallowing form

Frog Swallowing Form
• 30KB

Advantages: Clarify three things that must be done every day, and apply the 28th principle to the extreme.

Disadvantages: What I see at the beginning is that difficult tasks are easy to give up.

4. How to find your own time management form?

First of all, don't be greedy, just use one or two forms. Asking more questions is also very important. You have to explore your goals and choose methods to implement them.

No matter how good the method is, you will not know whether it is useful or not. You need to try these methods one by one until you find the most suitable time management table for you.

Okay, the above are the three time management forms and usage skills that I summarized by combining my knowledge and online resources. I hope it can be helpful to you, thank you.