How to Concentrate?


After today’s questionnaire survey, I found that most of the participants were unable to concentrate and were easily distracted. So today I bring you an article on how to concentrate, I hope you like it.

First of all, you have to figure out where the interference comes from. Interference can also be divided into internal interference and external interference.

Internal interference: It can be said that it is the nature of the brain. It may not be your fault to be easily distracted. This may be your natural habit, because your genes have the habit of paying attention to the information around you all the time, which is a necessary skill for survival. The brain's nature is to think about things, so don't worry when you are in a hurry. This is a symbol of being a person.

External interference: This is a very common source of interference. The most annoying is that someone comes to disturb you, some of your friends call, your parents call you something, etc. And now software vendors are intriguing one by one, trying their best to use text to seduce you to click on their software, and the colorful notification windows will notify you one by one, and you will always be tempted.

These interferences seem to be difficult to overcome, so what should I do? First, in order to deal with internal interference, you need to use other human natures to defeat it.

Threats: When you face a threat, you will often focus on dealing with it the first time. It is like saying that you are setting up a stall on the beach, and there is a tsunami behind you. Will you care about your stall? You must be thinking of running away. In our lives, the tight time is the condition that triggers this nature. You have a task to complete immediately, you have to concentrate. Of course, you must also have time when time is not tight. At this time, you can use our second method.

Joy: You must have had this experience. You wanted to play a game for a while, but the morning passed without knowing it. You must also have questions. Why does the time pass so fast when playing games? Because games can bring you pleasure, deterministic satisfaction (you play the game) and uncertain rewards (you may win). If you continue to maintain this state, you will become addicted. Of course, you like to do it and can be satisfied and rewarded. Therefore, people need to find things (things) that match their abilities to be happy.

This is just a measure to deal with interference. We can also shield the source of interference from the root cause to replace external interference.

Sound insulation: This is relatively simple, you just find a relatively independent environment, such as a bookstore, then turn off the mobile phone message reminder, and wear noise-cancelling headphones. Come to help yourself create a quiet environment.

Feeling of concentration: You will be more focused when you see you playing games than watching movies. This is because games are more tactile than movies. The more feelings you cause on one thing, the more concentrated you will be. If you don’t believe it, you can try . Of course, many times you don’t use your ears. Sometimes when writing and reading, you can point out the text or put on headphones and put some white noise (natural sounds that will not make you think).

Don’t think too much: don’t ignore the relevant content, take the initiative to restrain yourself in public, not let yourself relax too much, it’s good to be nervous, if you suddenly flash an idea in your mind, don’t do it, or even take your Write down your ideas, whether they are paper or electronic, just concentrate anyway.

Finally, you must maintain a good state and learn to rest.

Short break: You can refer to the Pomodoro method to relax your nerves after a short break of 5 to 10 minutes after you concentrate.

Rest: You will not be in a good state of mind after completing important events or eating food every time, and you may even want to sleep. At this time, you need a 20-30 minute meditation to regulate yourself. The length of time varies from person to person. This can help you get into the state quickly.

Pay attention to sleep: the body is the capital of the revolution. Guarantee at least 7 hours of sleep a day. Try not to stay up late and be nice to yourself. The pillow must be comfortable. Your sleep will determine your mental state tomorrow.

If you can’t concentrate, your efforts will definitely not achieve the desired results, so let us grasp the opportunity to learn together. I wish you to stay focused and run all the way during the epidemic~